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There is a direct linkage between self-examination, meditation & prayer. Taken separately, these practices can bring much benefit and relief. But when logically related and interwoven the result is an unshakable foundation for life.”

The road of life

The primary purpose of the workshop is to integrate & connect multiple spiritual theories into a foundation for daily living.

The message is based on the presumption/belief that we live in an abundant and kind Universe and that there is a Creative Intelligence that underlies the fabric of the material universe which is infinite, omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. The greater our connection as human beings to that Creative Intelligence, the greater our sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in our lives; the greater the likelihood that we discover and fulfill our unique “Heroic Mission”.

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Circle of Serenity

Session Two (7 PM - July 14th)

“An Unshakable Foundation for Life”

The  primary goal of this segment is to develop a tangible set of simple actions which if adhered to on a daily basis will clear any blocks that exist between us and the Power that resides within, thus enabling a deeper connection with God. Prescribed actions include: acceptance, hope, faith/trust, introspection, contrition, self-examination, prayer, meditation and service.

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Past Events

Life coach phoenix AZ

An Unshakable Foundation

Tuesdays July 7, July 14 & July 21 ~ 7 to 9 PM

Unity of Phoenix

A Transcendent Life

Upcoming Events

Tired of being stuck in a place of dissatisfaction or frustration? Tired of feeling less than? Ready to embrace the God/Goddess within you?

In honor of the Autumn Solstice I’m offering 108 totally FREE Life Coaching Evaluation / Consultations. This is not some “mini” consult; this is the full deal! Participants will complete several pages of introspective paperwork after which will sit down (this can also be done telephonically for people not located in the Phoenix area) for a 60-90 minute session during which we’ll review the introspective work to gain a clear understanding of your current life state, work together to distill & refine your life vision (the Life of your Dreams) and then put down in writing an actionable set of short term actions and goals which will move you in the direction of your Life Vision; Your Transcendent Life.

If this sounds good ~ reach out today ~ I’m only offering 108 consults. If you’re not familiar with eastern spirituality or yogic traditions you might be saying why 108? The answer is that this is the number of beads on a Mala, it is also the number of Sun Salutations yogis (such as me) sometime do to honor the 4 annual solstices; and more practically as a sole practitioner 108 is probably about all I can bite off. Why Free? Even simpler answer; this is one of my ways of giving back to the universe which has so abundantly blessed me.

You can register via phone, email or the form on the contacts page. Do it today and claim you Big Life!

Be well ~ john

Session Three (7 PM - July 21)

“The Road of Life”

This final session begins with a whimisical yet  challenging riddle about how to navigate a fork in the road which has no signs as to where either fork leads (the answer is revealed at some point during the session). Topics presented include a detailed definition of Karma: not the punitive version in which Karma works like some sort of cosmic slingshot that fires out punishment for bad behavior and/or rewards for good; but rather the alternative concept that we simply live in a Universe where thoughts and actions have consequences, a Universe in which our current reality is largely the sum total of all our prior decisions, a Universe in which we possess the power to create our tomorrow based on the thoughts, attitudes and actions which we adopt today. The concept of mindful and purposeful decision making is also discussed in detail. The session concludes with a very powerful experiential exercise.

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Life coaching - foundation for life

Session One (7 PM - July 7th)

“The Circle of Serenity”.

This session deals with identification of the things in our Universe that we can control (a very limited list; our thoughts, attitudes, actions and our decision to seek Conscious Contact or not) and the things we cannot control (everything else). From there we explore a highly integrative, practical approach on how to draw the line between the controllable and the uncontrollable, and how to navigate our personal landscape in such a way as to develop “authentic power” thereby expanding our sphere of influence, our "Circle of Serenity". This expansion occurs through the development of trust and confidence between and with others, rather than through force. Humility, service and love are guiding principles.

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