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Hourly Rate:
$120 cash, credit or debit

1/2 Hour Rate:
$65 cash, credit or debit

A Transcendent Life is dedicated to making quality life coaching services available to everyone. In alignment with this mission we dedicate 10% of our available hours to working with clients on a sliding scale fee basis. Qualification for this program is needs based.


The preferred method of service delivery for clients in the greater Phoenix area is in person, face to face. Sessions are typically held at one of my two Phoenix area offices:

17017 N. 12th Street, Unit 2108
Phoenix, AZ 85022

Urban Wellness

2024 N 7th Street

Phoenix, AZ 85006

For off-site sessions a $20/hr. fee may be charged for excessive drive time.

For clients outside the Phoenix area or whose schedules prohibit in person sessions, remote sessions area available via Skype (voice and video) or telephone (voice).

Mode of Delivery

Our typical client engagement (if such a thing exists) is structured as follows:

Initial Session ~ assessment (includes the four components of the human being and the multiple aspects of adult life) and goal setting.

Month One ~ weekly sessions to monitor progress, re-direct as necessary and ensure that new positive behaviors become ingrained. (This time frame is not random. It is aligned with the time it normally takes for new neural pathways to be established in the brain, 21-30 days).

Month Two & Three ~ bi-weekly sessions to provide continued advocacy and accountability. Additional skills training.

Month Four and beyond ~ as needed to provide continuing support, redirection and additional goal setting as desired/necessary. The client is also monitored for regression. These sessions are often only thirty minutes in length and may be conducted remotely (telephone/Skype).

 Meditation and/or yoga are sometimes incorporated into the process if the client desires it.

Engagement Structure

We provide life coaching and personal consultation services. We do NOT offer any type of mental or behavioral health counseling services. THIS IS NOT THERAPY. If you feel you may have a significant mental health problem/diagnosis please seek out a qualified, licensed therapist to address those issues.

In some cases life coaching may serve as an excellent adjunct or follow-on to therapy.

How We Work

"What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within us out into the world, miracles happen" ~emerson

career life coach scottsdale

We clearly have strong convictions about the nature of human life and limitless potential of the human being; but all that is largely set aside in our work with clients. Every assignment is client focused and goal driven, defined by the positive changes the client desires to make in their life.

Our process is simple ~
Everything in the world is manifested twice; first in our imagination, and a second time in reality. 
Our role as coach/consultant is to aid the client in bridging the gap between the two. 

Step one ~ We serve as a mirror or sounding board to clarify the client’s dream, the client’s vision. We ask pointed and powerful questions to confirm the validity of the vision.
Let’s face it, all of us have at one time or another had the thought that we’re being called to move to Joshua Tree, live in a tent and write folk music. For a few of us that may be a true calling, but for most it is simply a passing whimsy.
The first step in any process is validation of the vision; is it true?

Step 2 ~ We work proactively to shape that vision into an actionable set of goals. The goals are always committed to in writing and always include a timeline!

Step 3 ~ We provide ongoing advocacy and accountability. As coach/consultant we work with the client on an ongoing basis to provide support and encouragement, redirection when necessary; and to hold the client accountable to the goals they set to ensure meaningful progress is being made.

Step 4 ~ As the client progresses we provide training and guidance on daily rituals intended to sharpen mental acuity, increase vitality, balance emotions and enhance spiritual connectedness.

Step 5 ~ We work with the client to install permanent habits and thought processes to ensure stability and continued growth.

Step 6 ~ Live the life of your dreams!

A cautionary note: It's all about today. As we work toward the Transcendent Life it is essential that we never put off happiness for the sake of achievement. While the life coaching process is inherently forward looking, today is the day to seize the moment and live a life that soars. The joy must come from the work, not the outcome. We must balance finding peace and joy in today, as we quest for the extraordinary. Although human potential is infinite, time is finite; how we use our minutes, hours and days is critical; we only get to use them once. The choices we make, the actions we take today shape the future of our dreams.

Always remember it’s the journey not the destination. Savor the moment!

Our Approach

A Transcendent Life