We believe that the most self-aware, self-realized human beings make the best leaders. Although we evaluate and work on the entire organization, our highest emphasis is always placed on the leader(s). Our job is not to fix or improve your business; our job is to make you into a stronger leader capable of evolving your business to meet an ever-changing business environment. We don’t believe in overly verbose reports or windy presentations. Every assignment is client focused and goal driven, defined by the positive changes that you desire to make in yourself and your business.

Our process is straight forward:

Step 1 ~ We guide you through a comprehensive evaluation of the entire business (or just the specific areas you wish to focus on). If we don’t know where we’re starting from it is impossible to map a path to anywhere else.

Step 2 ~ We work with you to develop a vision, an end game for the specific business challenges you are facing. We then pressure test the plan for validity. Does it make sense given the current environment that you operate within?

Step 3 ~ We utilize a SMART philosophy to develop a set of short-term goals that will move the business directionally toward your long-term objective. SMART plans are Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Reasonable and Time-specific.

Step 4 ~ We provide ongoing resources and support. We develop and refine business metrics to quantify your progress and provide redirection as necessary.

Step 6 ~ We work with you to install the processes and infrastructure necessary to ensure stability and continued business growth.


Our services include:

  • Executive Coaching - for you and/or your management team.

  • Entrepreneurial Consulting - serving as an advisor, a mentor or simply a sounding board. We provide the objectivity and support so often missing in entrepreneurial businesses.

  • Strategic Consulting - recalibrating your business “compass” to formulate your optimal path forward. We assist you in assessing and optimizing marketing, finance, operations and management.

  • Financial Planning - for you and/or your business. We optimize your financial strategy to maximize business value and ensure your personal financial security.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions - is now the right time to buy, sell or merge? We provide strategy and execution services.


We keep our engagement structure highly flexible in order to best serve you and your business. We work on a fixed fee, hourly, retainer or contingency basis depending on the nature and scope of the assignment.

Please call for your free initial assessment and a customized proposal.